Jussi Valtakari (FI),” Yellowcoat”

Artist: Jussi Valtakari (FI),
” Yellowcoat”,
Technik: sculpture/Wood ,
Size: 18 cm,
Year: 2014,
Edition 1/1,
Price: 600 €


About the art


About the artist

Jussi Valtakari started forming his artistic expression and interest in wood carving from the age of four, making his first toys and figures. Today, this has developed into making fiction portraits. Carving figures out of wood is building on a long standing tradition from ancient times and connects the works of Valtakari with this classic tradition. The figures are often based on his observations of local people, he also gathers images from different forms of media. Valtakari carves from memory and makes a kind of diagnosis of our time in scale models from past and present. At the same time it is almost as if the sculptures observe you, if you look closely they look back at you.

Additional information

Dimensions 18 cm