“The encounter”, Kari Södö (FI)

Artist: Kari Södö (FI)

Title: “The encounter”

Technique: sculpture/wood

Size: 220 cm

Year: 2014

Edition 1

Price: 9000 €


About the artist

Playfully combining forms and colours, Kari Södö creates abstract sculptures, collages and prints. Being also a musician, rhythm holds a paramount role in Södö’s art. The sculpture The Encounter was created to reflect upon the absence of dialogue in Finland about the refugee crisis. Resulting in a vibrant and joyful sculpture, the artist shares a positive message about the beauty of a multicultural society represented by the different kinds of woods, shapes and colours he combines. Through different media, Södö’s works share a composite approach in their creation which maximizes the communicative potential of each individual element as well as heightening a cohesive message through the work.

Additional information

Dimensions 220 cm


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