“Among a danger”, Henry Stöcker (DE)

Artist : Henry Stöcker (DE)

Title: “Among a danger”

Technique: mixed media

Price: 345 €


About the art

Henry Stöcker´s creative work rests in many preliminary sketches. Here an idea takes on its first shape; forms and signs are developed and discovered. The sketched formal designs are plastically so conceived, that their inter-relationship allows a pictorial space to arise. Sculptural thinking can also be recognized from his drawings. The realistic formal images speak a representational language.

About the artist

Henry Stöcker (DE) creates sculptures and realizes them in plaster and metal. Undreamed of biomorphic images and three-dimensional spaces arise from welded steel structures, which are presented as wall pieces as well as floor installations. As a sculptor, the qualified biologist creates a dialogue between science and art.