“Liminal Season 1”, Robert Kelly (IE) | ROKE 291/1377/1

Robert Kelly is inspired by abstract and poetic compositions. Through the colourful swirls in his lithographs, Kelly transmits movement and richness of colour, almost like in a joyful dance. This translates into color juxtapositions in which the elements that resemble thick and impulsive brush strokes suddenly seem to become alive and start interacting with each other. These splashes of refreshing color reminisce of spring; the generation of life. The artworks provide the viewer with insights into the mind of the artist, and the viewer is invited to peer into this mental game.


Artist: Robert Kelly

Title: Liminal Season 1

Year: 2018

Material/Technique: Carborundum print | 5 Plate

Size: 24cm x 24cm

Paper Size: 34cm x 35.5cm


Price: 400 Euro