“Schilling I”, Georg Bothe (DE)

bout the artist

Georg Bothe is a German artist based in Berlin. Bothe is present in this exhibition through his indian ink paintings on graph paper. The opaque, bold, abstract objects the artist represents in these drawings are complemented by the use of millimetric paper as the canvas, which gives the work another layer of texture and creates a sense of volume and space. The objects appear to be floral-shaped, giving the illusion of walking through a meadow on a summer night, and the contrast of the monochromatic shapes makes everything appear dark and mysterious.


Artist: Georg Bothe (DE)

Title: “Schilling I”

Edition: 1

Year: 2016

Material/Technique: Ink and Copperplate ink, folded

Size: 31,3 x 25 cm

Price: 450 €