“Collaboration 30”, Oscar Rey (ES/DE) Lisa Rytterlund (SE)

Artist: Oscar Rey (ES/DE) &Lisa Rytterlund (SE)

Title: “Collaboration Nr. 30”

Technique: Mixed media

Year: 2018

Edition: Original

Size:  c. 15 x 21 cm

Price: 120 €

Artselection Handshake


About the artist:

Lisa Rytterlund is an artist from Stockholm, Sweden. Her work shows a clear influence from illustration and urban art. The themes the artist evokes are related to women’s issues and sexualization. These themes are explored along with the appropriation of religious iconography in an almost kitsch manner, displaying the absurdity of all these issues.

Oscar Rey creates paintings, sculptures, street art and photographs. Through the simplification of reality in shapes and coloured blocks, he produces vibrant and expressive artworks that ex-plore the universal themes of love, death and capitalism. He seeks above all synthesis and clarity in his mixed technique artworks. Rey’s lively and colourful works communicate his cheerful approach to art production rooted in a childlike enjoyment of experimenting with art.

Rey and Rytterlund are also part of the Knot the Artist Collective, artistic international group formed from Fresh Legs 2018 hosted in our gallery in Berlin.