Heike Arndt (DK) Nr.55

Artist: Heike Arndt (DK)

Year : 2001/Mazzotti Albisola Italy

Title: “Grey Cat”

Material: Ceramic

Size: Ø 62 cm

Edition: 1

Price: 2100 euro


About the artwork: “Cat ”

Terra cotta plate (c.year 2000/ signed) done in Albisola at the famous Mazzotti factory. A similar plate is also part of the Mazzotti museum collection in Albisola Mare in Liguria in Italy.

About the artist:

Artist Heike Arndt (DE/DK) has a former education as a ceramist. Since 1989 Heike Arndt has worked at different studios in the area. She produced in the years from 1998-2002 a series of plates in Terra cotta at the Mazzotti studios and Stoneware at the studio owned by the wellknown italien ceramist Lorenzini.

Additional information

Dimensions 62 cm