“Schamani”, Ann Löwenstein (SE)

Artist: Ann Löwenstein ANLO10

Title: Schamani

Year: 2009

Edition: 10

Technique: Etching

Size: 34×50 cm

Price: 300 euro


About the artist:

Löwenstein uses different types of media in her artworks, among them graphical works, paintings and animation. She is also using a technique that she calls “translucence”. That is artworks made from a combination of different materials, such as glass, wood, paper, metal pieces and sackcloth in order to create transformation and translucence. “When creating art I work with classical picture elements in metamorphoses”, Löwenstein says. Löwenstein finds inspiration in external impressions, such as ancient symbols, and subconscious thoughts. “A good shape is like a signal through the ages, it maintains its qualities from century to century”.


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