“No title”, Anne Marie Brauge (DK)

Artist: Anne Marie Brauge (DK) AMBR5

Title: No title

Edition: 190

Year: 1991

Technique: Lithography

Paper size: 32,3 x 48,7 cm

Price: 220 euro


About the artist:

Anne Marie Brauge was born in the south east of France, but moved to Denmark in the 1960’s. In 1965, she took part in establishing the surreal artist group Passepartout. Brauge has had several exhibitions in Italy, France and Denmark. In 1990 she became a member of the artist association PRO.  Anne Marie Brauge guest featured at Biennale de Paris in 1967 and in 1974 at Grønningen. In 1989 she showed her collection “Udsøgte Akvareller” at Statens Museum for Kunst in Denmark. During the 1990’s, she was frequently represented at Gymnasiernes Vandreudstilling at Skovhuset in Værløse and later on also at “Bryggeriets Hus in Frederiksberg”. Besides the art, Anne Marie Brauges is also an author.