“Pilot’s Childhood” , Silkinaite Agne Marija (LT)

Artist: Silkinaite Agne Marija

“Pilot’s Childhood”

Material: Tempera on wood

Year: 2018

Size: 110 x 100 cm

Edition: 1

Price: 3700 Euro


About the Art

Her artworks shimmer with lightness and weightlessness, as if they themselves soar into the heavens. With the use of tempera on solid cardboard, she creates a special texture that gives the works a tangible feel and a sense of depth. Every brushstroke used in her work infuses each detail with a unique life and imbues objects with vitality. The figurative works capture the mood of dreaming and flying in an imaginary world through warm hues, conveying a sense of weightlessness and sensuality.

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