Nana Kozuma (JP), “The Forest of Utopy 9”


Title: The Forest of Utopy 9

Artist: Nana Kozuma (JP)

Technique: woodcut, hand embroidery on cloth

Size: 14×6.5×6 cm

Year: 2016

Price: 300 Euro

Nana Kozuma (JP)

The Japanese artist Nana Kozuma has developed an utterly personal style to create her artworks. She wraps a colorful cloth on small wooden boxes, creating little caskets halfway between a sculpture and a miniature tapestry. Her series “Forest of utopy” sees various kinds of shapes, sewn in black, develop all over the surface of the boxes, overlapping patches of bright colors that resemble soft clouds or warm sheets of water. Together they build up wondrous and minuscule universes to be examined carefully by the viewer.