“Petroglyph NO.2”, Tongwei Zhang (US) | TOZH 101/1044/2

The American artist Tongwei Zhang presents us with prints that are titled “petroglyphs”. The title is a direct reference to the source of the artist’s inspiration, the art of primitive cultures, which means: images or symbols often created by carving a rock surface. Bold black lines determine in his works the abstract composition and separate the bright colors. Zhang accepts the presence of the gesture when carving, this careless and impulsive movement seems to be a conscious choice. Zhang’s naive prints also reminisce of totems and sculptures that represent a close connection to nature.


Artist: Tongwei Zhang

Title: Petroglyph NO.2

Year: 2017

Material/Technique: Relief

Size: 30cm x 30cm

Paper Size: 40cm x 40cm


Price: sold

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