Mirella Pietrzyk (DE), “Bestäubung der Auserwählten”


Title: Bestäubung der Auserwählten

Artist: Mirella Pietrzyk (DE)

Technique: Mixed media on paper

Size: 64×52

Year: 2018/2019

Price: 1200 Euro

Mirella Pietrzyk (DE)

The German artist Mirella Pietrzyk creates marvellous and captivating worlds, populated by alien creatures and sci-fi machinery. The beholder can discover female-like figures with two heads and gigantic coiffure, serpent’s tails, colorful high heels, and showerheads coming out of their bodies. The artworks are all realized on paper. Black and white from the drawing often rule, allowing an extremely accurate detailing. Sometimes, touches of colors appear and provide vital energy to the figures.


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