“m² Herbst” Michael Kain (DE)

Artist: Michael Kain (DE)

Title: “m² Herbst”

Technique: Oil painting

Size: 100 x100

Year: 2010

Price: 4000 Euro


Michael Kain (DE)

German abstract painter, Michael Kain, comes from a traditional, academic education focused on figurative art, but broke out of this rigid framework to explore alternative concepts and expressions. This led to experimentation with abstraction and colour.

In his oil paintings, Kain uses a range of colours in order to transfer his abstract themes into an explosion of colour on the canvas. He creates works that are in-keeping with modernist values of pure painting, where there is an honesty in the relationship between paint and canvas, without ‘illusory’ storytelling through recognisable figures.

His method is based on the impasto technique, where paint is applied on the canvas in large quantities through thick and heavy strokes in multiple layers, resulting in a play on texture and depth. To sometimes escape the canvas, Kain also continues exploring his abstract compositions through paperwork, producing works of simple representations with delicate strokes.