“Byzantine wall”, Stefan Bannow (DK)

Artist: Stefan Bannow (DK) STBA1

Title: “Byzantine wall”

Technique: etching

Edition: 35

Year: 1996

Paper size: 59×38 cm

Price: 220 euro


About the artist:

Danish artist Stefan Bannow  works primarily with paintings and graphics. A first encounter with Bannow’s graphic world of images would make you think of Surrealism. However, his field of work is not a psychological uncovering of the deeper layers in the individual mind, but rather a socially engaged focus on the community and its viability. The art of Stefan Bannow does in more than one sense hover about wandering; it delineates human journeys between breaches and the search for fellowship and fixed places, just as it reflects upon the artist’s own restless wanderings and never ending search for redemption and answers.