Jesper Hintze (DK), “Diazee 5 mg”


Title: Diazee 5 mg

Artist: Jesper Hintze (DK)

Technique: Collage, acryllic and ink

Size: 90 x 65 cm

Year: 2019

Price: 1500 Euro

Jesper Hintze (DK)

The Danish artist Jesper Hintze portrays people in thoughtful poses. They are realistically depicted except for the face, obscured under an undefined mass of colors. The background is abstract and intriguing, with bright and dark tones creating together ungraspable atmospheres. The viewer can see the protagonists of the artworks sitting cross-legged or lying down, the hands folded, while a cloud-shaped form materializes their mental dimension and thoughts. The artist combines acrylic colors, ink and collage elements.


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