Csaba Pal (HU), “Load 15”


Title: Load 15

Artist: Csaba Pal (HU)

Technique: mixed on paper

Size: 594×420 mm

Year: 2021

Price: 450 Euro

Csaba Pal (HU)

Hungarian artist Csaba Pal’s abstract landscapes reveal a playful sense of life. Black and white are the two main, contrasting colours but there is also room for all the shades in between, which give his works a sense of transparency. His main focus on the unlimited movement of the works. His drawings consist of lines and irregular areas made of contrasting colours and remind of seemingly controlled randomness that mostly guides human life: the approach to such chaos is though not tragic, but the artist faces it with dreamy humour, becoming itself the demiurg of a space with authonome rules, that represents the authentic freedom of art.