“Birdcage with plastic budgerigar”, Chloe Grove (UK)

Title: Birdcage with plastic budgerigar

Artist: Chloe Grove

Technique: Coloured pencil

Paper Size: 30×39

Year: 2018

Edition: 1/1 ORIGINAL

Price: 1200 Euro


Chloe Grove is a British artist based in Berlin since 2007. Her works range from colour pencil drawings to small edition prints. She is inspired by folk art, macabre subject matter, op art and everyday objects. Her intaglios for our 2019 Mini Maxi Berlin exhibition feature sleeping cats surrounded by monochromatic patterns. Within these, they appear relaxed, hypnotising the viewer into a similar state of mind. Her work mainly plays with new ways of using traditional mediums. This focus is seen in her intaglios where she uses a personalised printing technique. She developed this technique in 2005. Plates are made by cutting and peeling back layers of card to obtain a variety of tonal values and linear marks. The surface is then varnished and the plate can be printed using the intaglio method. In this process, ink is applied to the surface and pushed into the recessed lines. The plate is then rubbed with a cloth to remove the excess ink from the surface. A damp piece of paper is placed on top of the plate, so that when going through the press it can be squeezed into the plate’s ink-filled grooves. The printing press applies very high pressure to push the ink from the grooves onto the paper.