“Bottle, Garlic, Spoon & Pot”, Anne Louise Blicher (DK)

Artist: Anne Louise Blicher (DK)

Title: “Spoon & Pot”

Technique: oil on canvas

Size: 50 x 34 cm

Year: 2010

Price: sold


Anne Louise Blicher (DK)

Denmark-based artist Anne Louise Blicher works with print and painting. Blicher’s paintings beside her stilleben explore nature and the issues of climate change as a way of representing the current situation in our society – how something as simple as life and living has become complex. The world in her paintings is not that of humans and animals living side by side, instead it shows humans dominating not only animals, but other humans as well. Blicher’s painting shows us the simplicity of the human being, trapped on a canvas, as it is trapped everyday in the human world.


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