“Weaving Clouds”, Chang Ling-Hsiang (TW) | CHLI 229/1269/1

The monochrome compositions of the Taiwanese artist, draw the viewer’s eyes into the complex dream world he creates. Flora and fauna play leading roles that intertwine symbiotically with the human figures and geometric textures in the background. There is a fun game of lost and found characters at play. In addition, the artist’s detailed work creates a three-dimensional representation, providing the viewer with an impression of depth as if the motion is captured at a standstill.


Artist: Chang Ling-Hsiang

Title: Weaving Clouds

Year: 2015

Material/Technique: Woodcut

Size: 14cm x 11.9cm

Paper Size: 19.7cm x 27.2cm


Price: 180 € +35% import/tax fees for EU customers



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