“Water Tower”, Consuelo Barbosa (CO)

The Colombian artist Barbosa Consuelo lives and works in Paris. Consuelo’s interest is grounded in industrial man-made metal structures. The anonymous structures – water reservoirs – can be found in any city. The artist then uses a different color gradation for each image exalting the singularity of the structure. A strong pop-art reference is revealed in the repetition and use of color through the subtleness of color and fine lines, conveying the structures of fragility without annulling their sense of size and weight. In fact, the water reservoirs’ importance is shown through the use of a low-angle shot composition.


Title: Water Tower

Artist: Consuelo Barbosa

Technique: Drypoint carborundum on plexiglass

Paper Size: 80×100

Year: 2021

Edition: 1/15

Price: on request