“Utan skydd”, Anita Johansson (SE)

Artist: Anita Johansson (SE) ANJO3

Title: “Utan skydd”

Edition: P/T (20)

Technique: etching

Year: 2010

Plate size: 19 x 21 cm

Papersize: 24 x 26 cm

Price: 100 euro


About the artist: 

Anita Johansson’s works cover many techniques studied in different parts of the world. She is from Kungsbacka, close to Gothenburg in Sweden. Apart from Sweden, she has studied in Venice, Mallorca and Cuba where she was taught ceramics, smithery, concrete sculpturing, drawing and painting. After study- and work trips to Cuba, her creations became more powerful and colourful creating collusion between the Nordic and Caribbean temperament. Johansson about her work: “My paintings and graphics hover on the borders of realism and abstraction. The central theme of all my work is living. It’s really all about people, animals, nature and symbols. It’s about being a person, relationships, togetherness, happiness and sorrow – and quite a lot is somewhere in between”.