“Untitled no.92”, Albert Pema (FR)⎜MI19/073/2 ,

Albert Pema’s colourful etchings enlarge microscopic views. They present detailed, fractal like surfaces, often with circular or cellular patterns of varying sizes. His abstract-like works are based on observations of nature and flora. The many details of the pieces communicate with each other, forming an active dialogue between the diverse elements of the piece. The observer can get lost in their numerous abstractions, lost in the many meticulous lines, as if deep in thought. For each work, Pema prints using the same plate. This is a risky process requiring a lot of concentration and precision. With their numerous details, the plates are unique, and, once carved again, can never be reproduced. He combines various techniques in his works, such as etching, aquatint or dry point. Furthermore, the image is enhanced using chine-colle, where a tissue thin paper is layered over the piece and printed, adding delicacy and allowing for further details.




Title: “Untitled no.92”

Artist: Pema Albert

Technique: etching and aquatint

Image size: 17 x 24 cm

Paper size: 28 x 38 cm

Edition: 2/15

Price:200 Euro