“Untitled”, Koosha Moossavi (IR) | KOMO 188/1205/2

Koosha Moossavi is an Iranian artist living between Tehran and Berlin. His works hold a special tension and darkness, but also courage. Bringing strong themes such as death, genocide, espionage, having to hide, as we can witness from the prints Moossavi presents us with, is still very bold and defiant even today.

As a printmaker specializing in etching drypoint and aquatint, he uses the black and white effect to his advantage, creating sombre and mysterious images.


Artist: Koosha Moossavi

Title: Untitled

Year: 2017

Material/Technique: Etching, Aquatint & Drypoint

Size: 15cm x 20cm

Paper Size: 30cm x 40cm


Price: 150 €



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