“The secret room”, Ladakorn Puangbubpha (TH)⎜MA19/099/1

Ladakorn Puangbubpha’s etchings picture scenes of dark fantasy. Extremely detailed creatures are portrayed in an unusual scenery, creating a captivating magical environment. In each piece, the setting is the same: what appears to be a room in a house is transformed into an enchanted garden, with creatures ranging from flying whales to a fish with a bird’s head. Dark colours are used, contributing to the creation of this mysteriously supernatural world. These colours also bring an overall union to the pieces, merging all these different elements into an overall harmony, which makes the works pleasing to the eye.


Title: “The secret room”

Artist: Ladakorn Puangbubpha

Technique: Etching

Image size: 95 x 65 cm

Paper size: 98 x 68 cm

Edition: 5

Prize: 350 Euro (+35% import/tax fee for EU customer)