“Tempus Fugit I” Vinicius Libardoni (BR/IT)

About the artist:

Vinicius Libardoni is a Brazilian-Italian architect and printmaker. In his etchings, he represents majestic architectural scenes. These impressive buildings appear abandoned or only half built. Prodigious structures are suspended in space and time, surrounded by planks of wood and metal. Through vast spaces, Libardoni communicates a sense of loneliness. These buildings convey a sense of nostalgia, through impressive perspective, they evoke a past grandeur. The unorganised planks on their walls and roofs remind us of bruises, injuries acquired through age and abandon. This feeling of melancholy is reinforced by the monochromatic colour scheme. Through their isolation, deterioration and neglect, they remind us of their uncertain future.


Artist: Vinicius Libardoni (BR/IT)

Title: Tempus Fugit I

Year: 2020

Material/Technique: Etching, Aquatint

Edition: 2/20

Plate size: 15 x 10cm

Paper size: 28 x 28 cm

Price: 130€


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