Stephanie Donsø (DK), “Not Sure” sold


Title: Not Sure

Artist: Stephanie Donsø (DK)

Technique: Watercolor, guache, colorpencil

Size: 19×31,1cm

Year: 2021

Price: sold

Stephanie Donsø (DK)

Danish artist Stephanie Donsø’s visual universe is inspired by children’s picture books, comics and folktales. Within her art she seeks to explore the relationship between visual storytelling, illustration and fine art. The characters in her work are familiar to us, whether they are from a well known fairy tale or rather elements the viewer may recognise in themselves or in their life.  Donsø’s interest in folk tales lies in their ability to be both whimsical and oftentimes scary. In fairy tales the reader follows a character who is subjected to a series of tests that ultimately mature them. While Donsø’s world is set apart from ours, it is nevertheless deeply influenced by aspects of our humanity and culture.