“Space_0830”, Agata Dworzak-Subocz (PL) | MI19/178/1,

About the artist:

Agata Dworzak-Subocz is a Polish artist who works with computer graphics, printmaking and photography. She creates fascinating black and white prints that recall pixelated pictures. Her works are characterized by the abundance of small details that create intricated patterns exploring concepts of space and dimensions. Figurative and abstract subjects emerge from the optical effects created by the patterned surface. This is achieved through the use of the silk printing technique that allows Dworzak to depict meticulously refined details. Despite the intricated patterns, the pictures communicate an overall minimalistic impression thanks to their monochromatic colour scheme.


Artist: Agata Dworzak-Subocz (PL)

Title: “Space_0830”

Technique: silkscreen

Image size: 20 x 20 cm

Paper size: 30 x 30 cm

Edition: 1/10

Price: 60 €

Art selection Handshake


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