“Somewhere Over There”, Brandon Williams (US)

About the artist

USA born artist Brandon Williams works in printmaking, specifically intaglio. He has an interest in precise drawing, attention to detail, and processes. His work deals with real and imaginary surroundings and subjects such as time, conflict and change. Architectural landscapes devoid of human presence brings the viewers attention to textures and patterns which creates a meditative state of mind. The work is multidimensional in the respect that it can be turned around its own axis, creating different spaces and motifs depending on how you shift it. Williams have even signed his work so that it can be seen from every side.


Artist: Brandon Williams (US)

Title: “Somewhere Over There”

Material/Technique: Etching

Edition: 10

Paper size: 22,5 x 22,5cm

Price: 85 euro +35% import/tax fees for EU customers

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