“Some kind of blue 1”, Maria Winbjörk (SE)⎜MI19/323/1, (sold)

In her work, Maria Winbjörk focuses on observing her surroundings. She is interested in many different mediums and techniques but focuses mostly on drawings, aiming to find the best way to capture underlying emotions and feelings. Her etchings picture a woman with her back to us. Unable to see her face, we are forced to decipher her body language, generating a mysterious feeling. The woman is in different positions, as if she is moving through these works. Winbjörk is a storyteller, she focuses on the “the human condition and its interaction with the outside world” (Winbjörk, 2019). The character’s blue shirt matches and blends in with the blue of the background. This brings attention to the hair and body expression of the woman, further communicating her state of mind. The blue used also has connotations of fairy tales and gloom.


Title: “Some kind of blue 1”

Artist: Maria Winbjörk (SE)

Technique: Dry-point and intaglio

Image size: 14 x 14 cm

Paper size: 18 x 20 cm

Year: 2019

Edition: 6/10

Price: sold