Ritva Larsson (FI), “Mona-Lisa Today”


Title: Mona-Lisa Today

Artist: Ritva Larsson (FI)

Technique: Oil on canvas

Size: 41x33x2 cm

Year: 2021

Price: 400 Euro

Ritva Larsson (FI)

Finnish artist Ritva Larsson’s paintings give a face to abuse, digging into the unspoken powerlessness and outburst of desperate acts of violence as the ultimate request to be heard. 

Her technique, made of dense impasto and rapid brush strokes, manages to describe the sense of pain, fear and loneliness. The artist addresses with extreme realism the situation of women or whoever is involved with violence – of all ages and social classes, who, paralysed by shame and fear, cannot escape their submissive condition and pursue their personal fulfilment.