“Reflection”, Valerie Syposz (CA) | VASY 244/1272/3

Valerie Syposz’s wood engravings are loaded with intense feelings. The Canadian artist is centred around the human being and in their struggle with their inner thoughts. The artist reflects on human existence and uses Renaissance sculptures of the humanist period as references to highlight this idea. In Syposz’s graphic works, the viewer is confronted with the perception of the self or of the one that is projected, and how others actually perceive it. The prints narrate a story of loneliness, stereotypes and prejudices.


Artist: Valerie Syposz

Title: Reflection

Year: 2017

Material/Technique: Woodcut

Size: 10cm x 7cm

Paper Size: 26cm x 21cm

Edition: 15

Price: 85 € +35% import/tax fees for EU customers

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