“Prayer for Peace”, Tallmadge Doyle (US) | TADO 085/1012/3

Tallmadge Doyle confronts us, in her hand colored etchings, with imaginary astral maps of her own creation. The American artist’s compositions are filled with encrypted symbology and color transitions that seem to communicate with the viewer. A secret microcosmos reveals a  language of free interpretation, inviting the viewer on a visual journey. A resemblance to kaleidoscopic images incites a playful approach and the opportunity to revisit Doyle’s works, searching for new meanings.


Artist: Tallmadge Doyle

Title: Prayer for Peace

Year: 2016

Material/Technique: Etching & Aquatint & Hand Coloring

Size: 22cm x 27cm

Paper Size: 30cm x 40cm


Price: 250 € +35% import/tax fees for EU customers