“Poems of a Queer Soul – 3”, Xecon Uddin (BD/FR)

Artist: Xecon Uddin (BD/FR)

Title: “Poems of a Queer Soul – 3” – (self portrait series)

Technique: C-Type archival Print on Hahnemühle Photo rag

Year: Photo 2016 , printed 2017

Size: 50 x 50 cm 

Edition: 5

Price: 600 euro


About the artist: 

Born in Bangladesh and based in France, Xecon Uddin mainly works with graphic prints and experiments with other media such as photography. In his artworks he explores memories, dreams and identity especially in relation to his status as a refugee and queer artist.

About the art:

““Poem of a queer soul” is a series of photographs which are a reflection of my inner world. Although I have studied drawing and painting, my intention is to explore the surrealistic possibilities of photography, with an intense focus on the questions of sexual identity and gender, using myself as a tool of expression. I portray myself in my photographs and use my body as the muse of my artistic endeavour. I have used sensory perceptions and spiritual insights to draw attention to issues of social, political, cultural and sexual identity”.

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