“Please Come in The Book”, Katsuko Ono (JP)⎜MI19/283/6

The Japanese artist Katsuko Ono playful etchings are reminiscent of a children’s theater, and are glimpses into her mythical stories and fairytale world. Her works possess a certain light-heartedness. In these, delicate colours are used. She started etching in 2009, creating illustrations for children’s books by combining etching and acrylics. The works present in our gallery are illustrations originally created for a children’s stories magazine. The context of these etchings explains their light-heartedness as well as the delicate colours used.


Title: “Please Come in The Book”

Artist: Katsuko Ono (JP)

Technique: Etching, aquatint, acrylic painting and color pencil

Image size: 22.2 × 25,4 cm

Paper size: 36.5 × 39,5 cm

Year: 2018

Edition: 11

Prize: only one left