“Twist”, Alice Morishita (JP)

Artist: Alice Morishita

Title: “Twist”

Edition: One edition

Year: 2021

Material/Technique: acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil on paper

Size: 31cm x 40cm

Price: 500 Euro


About the Art:

Japanese artist Alice Morishita is currently based in Berlin, and uses interesting media, such as coffee, embroidery, ink, paint, and charcoal, to create intriguing and dynamic paintings. The techniques she uses differ widely as well, as her paintings combine seemingly erratic splashes of colour with bold lines and intriguing detail. Her paintings are composed of transformative and twisting bodies, made up of these distinct components but blended seamlessly together.  The paintings combine figurative fragments in natural settings that question the complexity of human nature through painterly overlays.

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