“Morgenkaffe på Timesquare” Søren Bjælde (DK)

Artist: Søren Bjælde (DK)

Title: “Morgenkaffe på Timesquare

Material/Technique: Woodcut

Edition: 13

Paper size: 65×47cm

Picture size:

Year: 2006

Price: 590 euro


About the art:

Søren Bjælde implements everyday life experiences and memories in his storytelling woodcuts. Beside colourful and narrative woodcuts he is also engages in drawing, painting, ceramics and book illustrations. Bjældes work are based on very broad inputs; everything from comicstrips to medeival handwritings. In his expression you can find traces of art brut and street art. The stories he tells can be recognized by everyone, and will hopefully leave the viewer with a smile on their face.

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