Misa Tsuchiya (JP), “吐息II (SighII)”


Title: 吐息II (SighII)

Artist: Misa Tsuchiya (JP)

Technique: Woodcut Printmaking (water based ink)

Size: 70×70 cm

Year: 2021

Edition: 2/15

Price: 470 Euro (+35% import/tax fees for EU customers)

This work is part of the GHA Galleri DONATIONFUND and the full amount goes to 4 Ukrainian artists
Anna Voitiuk, Mykhailo Drimaylo, Roman Haideichuk, Serhii Hulievych
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Misa Tsuchiya (JP)

The main characters of Misa Tsuchiya’s woodcuts are bright colored animals, some seemingly ready to attack, yet appearing playful instead of threatening.