“Marta, E-Knight and Me”, Tonda Kinoko (PL)⎜MI19/023/2 ,

Tonda Kinoko (real name: Antoni Gryzbek) is a Polish artist. He is a visual artist, graphic designer and video artist. His linocut series is a visual representation of scientific problems. Through graphic techniques, he embraces geometric patterns. His futuristic prints are very attractive to the eye. The duality of colours used creates a minimalist impression. However, this minimalism is contrasted through the many patterns created. This results in an overall pleasing impression, captivating the viewer.

His linocuts are also very particular due to their relief. Colours are not the only tool used to define shapes, relief on the paper also is, created through the carving and printing process. These shapes without outlines or colour contribute to the overall minimalism and pleasantness of the pieces.



Title: “Marta, E-Knight and Me”

Artist: Tonda Kinoko

Technique: Linocut

Image size: 17 x 17 cm

Paper size: 21 x 21cm

Year: 2018

Edition: 11/18

Price: 100 Euro

Art selection Handshake


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