“Losing Touch”, Johan Reisang (NO)

Artist: Johan Reisang (NO)

Title: “Losing Touch”

Technique: Ink on paper

Edition: 1

Size: 30 x 45 cm

Year: 2018

Price: 750 euro


About the artist: 

Johan Reisang is a Norwegian painter, living and working in Berlin since 2013. He works with drawing and digital art. Reisang mixes different styles, and through his artworks he takes the viewer to a different universe, filled with twisted bodies, strange fusions and topics taken from our society and everyday life. Although the artworks shift between feelings of optimism and darkness, they all share the same exquisite pencil strokes and colour use. His works are filled with social critique: in what seems to represent solely the human figure, the artist portrays mangled bodies as a representation of the message he wishes to pass on.

About the artwork:

Bodies and bones breaking under ideas of perfection, and each and every one of us is just a fractured face trying to predict the future. We are all artists, we are all holy, we are all the beautiful embodiment of Socrates drinking champagne.