Jenna Kähönen (FI), “Lace Maker”


Title: Lace Maker

Artist: Jenna Kähönen (FI)

Technique: Acrylic on paper

Size: 100×70 cm

Year: 2020

Price: 1600 Euro

Jenna Kähönen (FI)

Finnish artist Jenna Kähönen explores how perceptions of the human body change when its familiar boundaries are no longer clear. Her artworks explore and transcend the boundaries between the self, the body and its surroundings.  In her latest series ‘Kudos’ Kähönen figures melt into a richly textured background. The overall effect creates ambivalence in understanding the layered representation of Kähönen’s subjects allowing the viewers the freedom to decide whether they are looking at the inside or the outside of a body. In her artworks, such ambivalence is reinforced by the use of overlapping textures and mixed techniques combining acrylic, ink, watercolours and textiles to leave impressions that recall broken skin or internal tissues.