“Intimately queda de rins”, Rie Hasegawa (JP)

About the artist:

Japanese artist Rie Hasegawa works in a variety of print media including etching, woodcut and lithograph. Her works depicts human, or humanized shapes that emerge from confined spaces or that are contained within them. Hasegawa’s art is mostly figurative, but through her subjects she reflects upon human relations, the sense of interconnection and isolation and the contradictory nature of our living experience. The implied and literal boundaries that these conflicting emotions evoke are an integral part of her art.


Artist: Rie Hasegawa (JP)

Title: “Intimately queda de rins”

Edition: 50

Technique: Lithography

Paper size: 19 x 25,5 cm

Year: 2014

Price: 250 euro +35% Import/taxfees to the EU