“I was five years old – 1”, Hui Ann (CN) | HUAN 249/1281/1

Hui Ann is a Chinese artist. Ann’s work focuses on childhood experiences. The main subject is the loneliness and explorations resulting from this time spent alone in imaginary worlds. Memories are relative and not completely accurate, and so are Ann’s prints. The girl in the images wears a prisoner’s jumpsuit with black and white stripes. The artist features herself as a prisoner looking for an opportunity to escape. The composition serves as a metaphor for the imaginary prison as it is characterized by strong geometrization.  


Artist: Hui Ann

Title: I was five years old – 1

Year: 2014

Material/Technique: Mezzotint – Copperplate c3 c5

Size: 21cm x 14.5cm

Paper Size: 23.5cm x 30cm

Price: 100 € +35% import/tax fees for EU customers

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