“Hoffen”, Albrecht Wild (DE)

Artist: Albrecht Wild

Title: Hoffen

Technique: Collage

Year: 2016

Size: 30×30 cm

Price: 500 euro



The principle of division is the key motive in the installations by Albrecht Wild. By reassembling advertising images, he creates unique artworks, which reverse their serial characters and question what is considered as art.   Working with fragmentation and unity, Albrecht Wild creates colourful artworks influenced by pop-art with a cubist twist. Wild cuts and reassembles advertising media such as beer coaster (in the series ‘Beermats’) as well as large-format posters and advertising images. He then refashions such images into modular geometric artworks typically with a void in the middle. By creating a unique reality, he reverses the serial characters of advertising images and questions what is considered as art.