“Glacier Melt #5”, Cynthia Back (US) | CYBA 332/0979/4

Cynthia Back is an American artist. Back lives in the countryside, surrounded by luxurious nature and landscape which she then translates into her works. In Back’s creations, the love for the natural elements is brought to the observers’ focus through the use of bright colors. Back creates exuberant patterns taking notice of every rock, every leaf, every cloud. These prints perfectly imitate immersion in a landscape. The observing viewer is also invited to consider the fragility of nature and analyze the impact of man and climate change in nature.


Artist: Cynthia Back

Title: Glacier Melt #5

Year: 2018

Material/Technique: Woodcut

Size: 14.7cm x 20.3cm

Paper Size: 21cm x 29.5cm

Price: 150 Euro