“Fishing”, Ute Braatz (AU) | UTBR 337/1371/3

Ute Braaz is an Australian artist. Braaz aims to practice with safe non-toxic printmaking techniques and materials. Her iconography is marked by the simple use of color and natural elements, while she explores the world with a curiosity of a child. Braatz’s beings represented with skulls for heads paint the near end of humans as they try to carve their own destiny. She plays with these unorthodox yet familiar representations, questioning human practices that impact on bee extinction and overfishing.


Artist:  Ute Braatz

Title: Fishing

Year: 2015

Material/Technique: Photopolymer Intaglio & Akua ink

Size: 10.5cm x 14.5cm

Paper Size: 18.5cm x 28.5cm


Price: 100 € +35% import/tax fees for EU customers