“Femme Trio”, Ruth Kalla Ungerer (US) | RUUN 331/0962/1

Ruth Kalla Ungerer is an American artist who focuses on translating the qualities of drawing into her prints. As we observe the three feminine silhouettes presented to us, we are invited to connect the image to common figurative concepts, often represented by the three generations: grandmother, mother and daughter. Also mentioned often, are the three female states or the three female sorrows which one can easily guess: virgin, wife and widow. In contemporary society, women’s bodies are defined by three measures: bust, waist and hips. The viewer is invited to reflect on the female body.


Artist: Ruth Kalla Ungerer

Title: Femme Trio

Year: 2017

Material/Technique: Etching & Aquatint

Size: 20cm x 15cm

Paper Size: 30cm x 40cm

Edition: 6

Price: 160 Euro +35 % import/tax fees for EU customers



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