“Dyson Kopf”, Ian Liddle (UK)

Artist: Ian Liddle (UK)

Title: “Dyson Kopf

Technique: Screenprint

Size:32×51 cm

Year: 2018

Price: 100 Euro


About the artist:

Ian Liddle is a British painter and graphic artist. The paintings presented are inviting, and although at the first glance they may appear chaotic, they take the viewer on a colourful and exciting journey, which in the end leads to a sense of calm and serenity. His almost abstract method of portrayal, mixing techniques and dimensions, creates a challenge for the viewer to discover the objects and the underlying meaning of the art piece.

About the artwork: 

The model wears a dolls mask, this life drawing was created with the intention of imbuing the figure with a sense of character and life while at the same time maintaining a sense of otherness.