“DREAMS money can’t buy”, David Avery (US)

David Avery is an American printmaker based in San Francisco. When confronted with Avery’s etchings, at first glance, we get an impression that these prints are graphic works from XVI century. However, when taking a closer look, the viewer soon realizes the iconography used does not hold any classic meaning. Using contemporary industrial objects, the artist creates his own language of symbols. Avery’s works depict a modern era dominated by chaos and anxiety, the use of dark humour creates a comic relief that helps in overcoming these feelings.


Artist: David Avery

Title: DREAMS money can’t buy

Year: 2011

Material/Technique: Etching

Size: 11 cm x 3,4 cm (irregular)

Paper Size: 17.8cm x 28cm

Edition: 25

Price: 165 Euro +35 % import/tax fees for EU customers



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