Cihangir Gümüstürkmen (TR), “Race”


Title: Race

Artist: Cihangir Gümüstürkmen (TR)

Technique: Oil on canvas

Size: 90 x 90 cm

Year: 2020

Price: 4300 Euro

Cihangir Gümüstürkmen (TR)

The German Turk artist Cihangir Gümüstürkmen creates surrealistic pictures, where nearly any physical law is respected. The hyper-realistic character of his paintings amuses the beholders, and contrast starkly with the absurdity of the compositions. In Gümüstürkmen’s artworks we can easily find marathon runners competing in the sky, closed wooden doors and vintage cars floating in midair regardless of gravity. Yet, bright colors and a pleasant atmosphere always dominate.